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• 18 Grams Protein Per Oz.

• 72 Calories

• 21 Amino Acids

• 8 B Vitamins







The AminoPROPLUS™ Story


In 1998 Founder and CEO, Dave Hastings, started using Collagen Protein, only available in hospitals, for his 20 year old injury... a torn rotator cuff.  Within days, the career ending injury was healed!  Since that time and over 15 years of Collagen Protein supplementation that injury is still healed and enabled him to return to baseball... as a Head Coach!


Now, further development in science and formulation resulted in AminoPROPLUS™! The world's only Collagen Protein product that actually "Tastes Great"! Dave has traveled the country sharing his story and replicating his recovery in thousands of people suffering from sports injuries. Not only does AminoPROPLUS™ relieve pain in shoulders, knees, hips, elbows, and other injuries in which the primary affected area is a joint, tendon, ligament, or muscle. People using this product had the same response to Pure Collagen Protein. Remarkable results in short order... most of the time in just days!


AminoPROPLUS™ provides the world's highest amount of Pure Collagen Protein per ounce. Enhanced with 8 B Vitamins, the new formulation replaced the hospital's original version made with artificial sweetener, Aspartame. Along with harmful, less desirable parabens to stabilize the product. New research and product development enhanced the hospital version even more. Today's AminoPROPLUS™ is simply the Best Collagen Protein in the World…just ask our Olympic athletes!


From the hospital setting to the Olympic Games, AminoPROPLUS™ has continued to amaze all Collagen Protein users. No longer hampered with nagging joint and tendon soreness, athletes were able to train harder and longer. Olympic and professional athletes supplementing with Collagen Protein have reached their life time best and set World Records!


After 14 years of clinical hospital use and over 500,000 ounces sampled and sold.

Here is Pure Collagen Protein in it's highest and purest form:


AminoPROPLUS"There's Nothing Else Like It!"


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