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• 18 Grams Protein Per Oz.

• 72 Calories

• 21 Amino Acids

• 8 B Vitamins







AminoPROPLUS™ Starter Pack 3

The Science


Collagen Protein compared to all other sources of protein has 10-20 times more of the high content amino acids glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. These amino acids give collagen its unique molecular structure featuring a triple helix form. Unlike other forms of protein that when stressed, the triple helix structure of collagens 3 strands, interlock rather than unwind. This gives collagen a quality that is far superior to any other protein for joints, tendons, ligaments, lean muscle tissue, cartilage, bone, and teeth. All other protein molecules unwind or weaken when stressed. Structurally, collagen protein contains repeating sequences of glycine-X-Y triplets, where X and Y are frequently proline and hydroxyproline amino acids. These sequences are responsible for the triple helical structure of collagen and its ability to form strong flexible fibers.


Further developments over the past 20 years have identified porcine collagen to "mimic" human collagen. Molecular scientists & bio chemists have figured out that our own human collagen and porcine are nearly identical. This scientific discovery is why all heart valve transplants are now porcine (pig) rather than bovine (beef). Collagen has been used by hospitals & plastic surgeons (collagen injections) for decades. When bovine collagen is used there is a mandatory blood test required to see if the body will reject the collagen. When porcine collagen is used there is no test required as the body readily accepts the collagen. For these reasons, AminoPROPLUS™ is made from the highest quality, FDA inspected & tested porcine collagen with the stamp from the FDA as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS©).

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