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• 18 Grams Protein Per Oz.

• 72 Calories

• 21 Amino Acids

• 8 B Vitamins







AminoPROPLUS™ 16 oz. Grape

AminoPROPLUS™ 16 oz. Green Apple



Over the years AminoPROPLUS™ has been consumed by notable professional athletes, World Record Holder’s, Weekend Warriors, Little League Coaches, Youth Sports & Baby Boomers. Our testimonials come from every segment of health, wellness, nutrition and fitness. Whether an Olympic Champion or a High School hopeful. AminoPROPLUS™ is Pure Collagen Protein that has nutritional benefits to all who drink it and that’s why we say:

AminoPROPLUS"There’s Nothing Else Like It!..."

Bill Davey - AAU Mr. America - 1997

BS, MS Exercise Physiology, Health Club Owner

and Father of 4 children


Bill Davey holds a Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology and has used AminoPROPLUS™ for several years.


“AminoPROPLUS™ is the purest collagen protein in the World. I use it, my trainers use it, and everyone at the gym is learning the value of AminoPROPLUS™.”

Cynthia Berkley - Miss Galaxy - 1998

PhD. Psychology and Mother of 4 children


Cynthia Berkley holds a PhD of Psychology and has been using

AminoPROPLUS™ for several years.


“AminoPROPLUS™ has been a fantastic addition to my training. I communicate to as many people as I can the wonderful benefits of Pure Collagen Protein. I wish AminoPROPLUS™ was available when I was competing in the Miss Galaxy Competitions. It would have made my job much easier.”

Mike Vaccaro - MS, CSCS, USAW

Competition Athlete and Crossfit Box Owner


I started participating in organized sports in the third grade with Lacrosse. Hard work and dedication earned me a spot on Hofstra University’s Division I varsity lacrosse team. With sport comes risk, but little did I know how big of a risk. My college career ended with 5 surgeries on four different joints in my body (ankle, knee, shoulder, and hip). Despite these injuries, I continued to come back to play the sport I loved regardless of the pain and joint discomfort.

    In graduate school I attempted to play lacrosse for a club program, but it was just too much on my joints. Not being able to play a sport left me with an empty feeling inside. At about this time I found the sport of Olympic weightlifting. You would think weightlifting would hurt my hip, knee, shoulder, and ankle, and yes, it did. Shortly after I started Weightlifting, a lifting buddy of mine turned me onto AminoPROPLUS™.  Having an Exercise Physiology background I knew the benefits of collagen in regards to my joints. I started this protein and have not stopped since. Within finishing one bottle of this I was hooked on it. My joints were recovering from the abuse I was putting them through with Olympic Weightlifting.

    If I had not found AminoPROPLUS™ I do not know if I would be on the journey I am today with weightlifting. AminoPROPLUS™ has allowed me to compete in weightlifting and climb the rankings to qualify for the American Open, a national level weightlifting meet. I cannot imagine not taking AminoPROPLUS™ Collagen Protein while trying to compete at such a high level.


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