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• 18 Grams Protein Per Oz.

• 72 Calories

• 21 Amino Acids

• 8 B Vitamins







What is AminoPROPLUS™?


AminoPROPLUS™ is Pure Collagen Protein that is 100% bio-available the moment you drink it. It contains 18 grams of Pure Collagen Protein with 21 Amino Acids and 8 B-Vitamins in each ounce made from FDA Inspected raw materials that have the "Generally Recognized as Safe" (GRAS©) designation.



How does AminoPROPLUS™ work?


Collagen Protein comprises 25-35% of our body's total protein. It is the major component in our 4,000 tendons, 900 ligaments, 560 muscles, and 210 joints. AminoPROPLUS™ is specially formulated for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to provide them with energy, endurance, strength, and recovery. It allows fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes to protect their tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints supported with Pure Collagen. Drinking AminoPROPLUS™ will enhance your ability to train longer, go farther, and recover faster.


Collagen Protein's effect on the body's soft tissue has be reported to have extraordinary effects on the skin aiding in the wound healing process and adding nutrients to the skin making it look healthier. People taking AminoPROPLUS™ have noticed a reduction of Acid Reflux and improvement in digestion. Along with adding more nutrients, strength and shine to hair and nails. Simply drink AminoPROPLUS™...


        1). Twice a Day for Added Protein and Nutritional Support.

        2). Prior to exercise or workouts.

        3). During your regimen for Additional Protein Needs.

        4). Within 30 minutes of Exercise...

  maximize your body's ability to perform and recover to your Personal Best!

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