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• 18 Grams Protein Per Oz.

• 72 Calories

• 21 Amino Acids

• 8 B Vitamins







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Seattle CrossFit Challenge


It is with great excitement that we announce the 2014 Seattle CrossFit Challenge!


This Challenge offers both recreational and competitive portions for all of your members. We have put $10,000 in cash and prizes on the table, divided between 4 age categories of Women and Men to inspire fun competition and drive results for each participant.


In addition to the competition there will be fun social events that will build a sense "community" with other Crossfit enthusiasts, and introduce AminoPROPLUS™ to the Seattle Crossfit sector.


Our bodies are comprised of 35% collagen protein. Next to water, collagen is the most abundant structural component. Unfortunately, both men and women spend nearly 2/3 of their lives not producing collagen. Overuse of joints, tendons, and ligaments is common, especially among Crossfit athletes, and keeps your members from participating at 100% of their daily best!  AminoPROPLUS™ is a Type II collagen that mimics human collagen supplies!  Collagen protein supplementation can help restore the body's depleted collagen levels to knees, shoulders, hips, and elbows, and give athletes that added edge in their training.


We are excited with the opportunity to bring AminoPROPLUS™ to Seattle and its Crossfit culture! To experience the collagen protein difference, schedule a Sampling session with us in your Crossfit location TODAY! Simply call or email us for available times and dates!


Let's make this 2014 Seattle Crossfit Challenge a fun, exciting, and life changing event!

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